1. Getting off the ground with guided surgery.
    • Guided surgery isn’t exactly new, but many practices fail to use it how or as much as they should. In this course I will show how to effectively implement CEREC Guide 2 in your office.
  2. Building confidence in choosing materials for anterior crowns.
    • Anterior crowns can be tricky and so they are often avoided or stressed over. I’ll talk about translucencies, the dreaded single unit anterior crown, and contouring to make a good crown look great.
  3. Efficiency in posterior crowns.
    • Doing multiple posterior crowns can be intimidating, and I’ll show you how to do it with ease and confidence. We’ll go over inlays and onlays, quadrant treatments, and how to better sequence your crowns to account for milling time.
  4. Abutments
    • Everything you needed or wanted to know about abutments. I’ll talk about different materials, and how and when to choose one. I’ll cover zirconia, enamic, and emax and their proper applications. We’ll also cover getting through different design problem scenarios and come up with solutions that will work for you.

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