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I grew up between my dad’s house in the bustling city and my mom’s home, a small hobby farm in the country. Living both places allowed me to understand hard work, both mental and physical, and allowed me to appreciate characteristics of different places.

After a year of college, as a 19-year-old young man, I took two years off to serve as a missionary for my church in Lima, Peru. The experiences I had on my mission will always be remembered fondly, and it was there that I learned study, discipline, and compassion. I came to love the people I served, and my love for helping people grew and deepened.

After returning home from Peru, I attended University of Utah, where I met my wife, Nicole. We later married, and after undergrad I was accepted to Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry. We moved to Richmond and got to work.

I loved Dental School. The social and academic atmosphere was wonderful for me, and I made many lifelong friends there. In my second year, I participated in Missions Of Mercy (MOM) in Southwest Virginia, rendering my service as a dental student. My desire to help others grew as I graduated from VCU and moved to Boise, Idaho, where I joined a practice with Michael Peterson. In addition to my work with Dr. Peterson at Lake Harbor, I worked in a Medicaid clinic where I saw many refugees and people in need. I have visited the Dominican Republic multiple times to perform dental work as well as a recent trip to Nepal.

Boise is home to my wife and I and our five young children. We enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities and are lucky enough to live within walking distance to the Boise foothills, where we often take family hikes. I balance my life as a dental practitioner, a mentor, and an active member of the dental community. I volunteer my time in service to the young men’s organization in my church. My favorite role is the one I serve in as husband and father, and I am always teaching my family to serve others.

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