Failure To Launch

You want to improve some area of your dental practice, so you go to a class, a CE course, or listen to a great keynote address. It’s Friday and you’re so excited and motivated to implement these new ideas and tell your team members about all the great things you’ve learned. Saturday comes and you lose some steam because you’re doing other things. Sunday, even more momentum is lost, and when Monday morning comes you’re greeted with the usual weekend emergency cases and your team is asking questions about ordering new gloves or how they should handle a delicate patient situation. All those ideas and energy you felt from your Friday engagement fizzle and take a backseat while you take care of your practice.

This is a scenario I have experienced time and time again. How do you solve this problem? An obvious choice is to take your team to the event, but that involves a lot of logistics, time, and money. You could ask the team to read the book by the speaker you’ve just heard from, but again, that takes time, and usually fizzles after the first chapter. Even if you have some time to talk to your team, how do you transfer the energy and drive you felt on Friday into the people around you on a Tuesday morning?

What if you could actively engage your entire team and bring that education and motivation right into your office for a scheduled and set aside time period? Get the people who work within your practice to talk person to person with a mentor that can motivate, answer real time questions, and help you find solutions for problems you see within your practice. Let the team know that you care about their concerns and how they feel, and get answers to questions they might have.

As a mentor, and as someone who has experienced this “failure to launch” scenario, I want to help you. I want interaction, clarification, and motivation within your practice. I want to focus on those specific things that you struggle with or you want to learn more about, and I want your entire team on board and excited. Webster defines the word mentor as “An experienced and trusted adviser,” and I want to be that person for your practice.

Let's fix failure to launch!

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